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Project Description
In short, this project is a text editor in C#. A text editor able to convert from BBCode to Rich Text Format and viceversa, to save your articles in a SQL CE database, to keep track of your work, in terms of commitments and money. Made for columnists.
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Main features:
  • Bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough, superscript, list, link, code formatting available.
  • While you write in Rich Text Format, BB Code is generated transparently.
  • A document can be generated also by importing BB Code from an external text file; before being acquired, imported text can be modified as needed.
  • Full window editing feature.
  • Automatic document's chars, words, bytes counting.
  • Every article is bound to a creation date, and an upload date (relative to publishing on public site).
  • Every article has got a tag list for search and a site source array, to know where the article is taken from.
  • Sorting and filtering built-in feature.
  • Instantaneous reporting which counts how many bytes and euros you have submitted by now.
  • RTF and BBCode editing available, with istantaneous switch.
  • Database emptying if needed, in one mouse click, to start all over again.
  • One-click subject booking with e-mail sending to preset mailing list.

  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • SQL Server Compact 3.5


Main Window

Full Editor Mode

BBCode Editor

Sort Dialog Filter Dialog


Options pane 1 Options pane 2

Next to come:
  • Automatic upload through http post.
  • Automatic check for published date and time.
  • Calendar check for your work versus your commitments.
  • Full word search.
  • ..and much more.


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